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IP-ROCO Apitherapy are at the forefront of the application of bee products across a multitude of uses and applications.

Apitherapy is the medical use of honey bee products which typically includes the use of honey, pollen, bee bread, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom.

What is important and sets IP-ROCO Apitherapy apart is that our focus is on “apis mellifera” (the honey bee) and the extent of our expertise is such that we continue to offer consultancy services in this field to those requiring accurate and informed data on the various capabilities across the bee-products range.

The key markets that IP-ROCO Apitherapy cater for and supply to are:

  • Scientific (research and innovation)
  • Pharmaceutical (Medical – including medicines and serums)
  • Diet and Nutrition (super-foods and supplements)
  • Cosmetic (non-invasive treatments)
Our clients are looking to secure a reliable and trustworthy source of highly specified and detailed chemical breakdown that gives our clients the confidence to operate within the strictest of expectations and guidelines.

Dealing with IP-ROCO Apitherapy provides a stable and reliable contribution to our client’s supply chain giving them confidence that all of their needs are met now and in the future and a sustainable and trustworthy basis.