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Propolis benefits for all this autumn

By | 2017-09-19T10:25:47+00:00 September 19th, 2017|Propolis|

Honeybee with propolis Propolis benefits everyone: its anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties make propolis an ideal food suplement in the autumn. There are many ways propolis can be used to boost your immune system. Just have a look at how bees are getting ready for the winter to come. As autumn approaches, the bees are getting in the stores for the winter. They have capped the honey and are now making preparations to ensure that their home, the hive, is spick and span for the winter. In order to achieve this, they coat most surfaces and any small cracks with propolis. After hundreds of years, we have learnt to make use of their ancient technology. We do this by using their propolis in our diffusers. Like the bees, now is the time to make sure we have sufficient stores for the winter. So we should prepare by making absolutely sure that we have sufficient supplies of propolis capsules for use in our propolis diffusers. Some of our customers are now reporting that they are particularly benefiting from their purchase of our propolis diffuser PropolAir A4, called Propol Therapy. Propol Therapy, as well as all our other propolis diffusers, works with all of our Propolis Capsules BIO and Propolis Capsules with Boswellia Serrata.   Propolis benefits: looking for other propolis based products? Propolis benefits everyone, however not everyone reading this will have or want a propolis diffuser. You can still benefit from other IP-ROCO products from the beehive. Our propolis based products can be purchased also as alcohol free and they all benefit adults and children alike. One of our customers said this: “Thank you so much for this product and my apologies for the [...]

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Control your hay fever and allergies symptoms

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Airborne particles are a major cause of respiratory ailments for us, causing allergies, asthma, and pathogenic infections of the respiratory tract. What is Propolis? Propolis is a resinous substance collected by honeybees from the buds and bark of trees and shrubs. The resins are produced by trees as part of their immune system, healing wounds and protecting against the damaging effects of radiation. These resins are taken back to the hive where the bees add salivary enzymes, wax and pollen. This mixture is used to protect the colony from disease and infection due to its high antimicrobial action. Kontak has developed and patented an innovative system that diffuses into the air the volatile components of propolis: the only system of its kind that is able to fully exploit the properties of propolis by sanitising the air using its probiotic action. Kontak combines a passion for propolis with a scientific approach, investing in research and development and collaborating with doctors and allied specialists. PROPOLAIR uses Italian Organic propolis, gathered from unpolluted areas, far from urban, industrial and nuclear pollution. It therefore does not contain any heavy metals, pesticides or antibiotics. Recommended by doctors and therapists for various ailments including: Allergic rhinitis Cough Flu virus Laryngitis Pharingitis Sinusitis Sore throat MRSA Tonsillitis Respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, mould and pollen allergies, bed mites etc. Old or young people vulnerable to contagions and weakened immune systems. PROPOLAIR is particularly useful in largely populated rooms such as waiting areas, classrooms, play and social areas where flu, cold and others viruses can easily be spread. An all-natural, chemical-free way to sanitize a room. It eliminates bacteria, mould, viruses and air pollutants. PROPOLAIR Diffusers spread the volatile fraction of propolis [...]

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Propolis – improving sports performance

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Propolis as sports food can improve performance I have spent the last 20 years treating people with bee products for all the common diseases that afflict us. So it is refreshing to be able to tell you about other benefits of Apitherapy. When we indulge in physical sports we put our bodies under extreme stress. Bee products can help to alleviate this. Honey gives us a natural form of energy. Pollen gives us protein, vitamins and minerals. Propolis stimulates our immune system. New research from J.Chiang et al. at the Graduate Institute of Sports Science, Taipei, has shown that taking propolis before a sporting event can improve performance. A group of cyclists was studied. Some were given propolis before the race. One of the most important compounds in propolis is the anti-oxidant Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE). During extreme physical exercise the body can suffer from what is known as Hyperthermal stress. This can deplete the immune system and impair endurance capacity. The cyclists who had taken propolis showed a significant reduction in the detrimental effects of prolonged exercise. This conclusive research was published in the Journal of Food Science (June 2009). It is amazing to think that propolis and other bee products are able to keep you healthy....and also ‘give you the edge’ in competitive sports. Of course this does not only apply to cycling. Tennis players, Footballers, Athletes... in fact anyone involved in aerobic sports could benefit. So if you are an elite sportsman or woman, or simply want to be the best you can be at any level, you may want to let the bees help you. It is enough to make me want to take up cycling! AMBROSIUS [...]

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Propolis – Nature’s Miracle

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Propolis at the front of the beehive The wind is howling outside like a banshee. Fallen tree branches litter the fields, gardens and roadsides. Snow and rain is forecast. I am at home, warm and dry.....and fortunately, so are the bees. They have been collecting sticky resins from trees throughout the summer. They will visit Poplar, Birch, Horse Chestnut and Conifers. Beeswax is added and the resulting substance is called propolis. The bees will block up gaps and cracks in the hive, preventing draughts and waterproofing their home. How clever! My mind goes back to last summer. In the late evening it is wonderful to go to the apiary and stand behind a beehive. With the roof removed my senses would be seduced by the incredible aroma. The bees keep the brood nest temperature at 35° C. This warm fragrant air contains all the volatile compounds from the ripening honey, beeswax and propolis. I would just stand quietly, close my eyes.....and breathe deeply! In the summer propolis is used to varnish each cell in the honeycomb before the Queen lays an egg. This ensures a sterile environment for the developing larva. Harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Beekeepers can scrape the excess propolis from hive parts and frames. Sometimes special grids are used which the bees fill with resins. Propolis is only harvested when there is a surplus, and enough is always left for the bees. A propolis diffuser will release the same volatile healing compounds into your home or car. Try one for yourself. Close your eyes and join me in the apiary on a late summer’s evening....... For more information and to order, visit the IP-ROCO e-shop. AMBROSIUS

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Propolis diffuser…healing while you sleep

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Propolis diffuser active while child sleeping Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year! The cold weather has arrived and the bees are finally in their winter cluster... ”Sleeping through the ash of autumn’s embers”. Like us, they await the return of spring. As the year draws to an end we find ourselves in reflective mood. It is time to take stock; to ponder the highs and lows of the last twelve months; to make resolutions for the year ahead. At the top of most people’s list would be... ‘Good Health’. But good health is not just an absence of illness. It is more than that. It is the foundation of our lives and affects everything we do. Even when we think we are healthy, we may be carrying sub-clinical levels of bacteria, viruses or other pathogens. This can manifest itself in many ways; shortness of temper, muddled thinking, clouded judgement or poor performance. And we continue with our daily lives functioning below par and never knowing why. When we sleep, essential functions such as breathing; cardiac activity and digestion are governed by the parasympathetic nervous system. This part of our autonomic nervous system is also responsible for the cascade of recovery hormones that repairs cells and stimulates the immune response to fight disease and infection, while we sleep. Our sleeping environment is therefore critical. Most bedrooms are kept too warm and without fresh circulating air. Pathogens love this! The answer is to create a healthy atmosphere to help our bodies heal while we sleep. A Propolis diffuser by the bedside will release volatile aromatic bioflavonoids which have proven antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects. You can heal while you sleep. IP-ROCO Apitherapy wishes you [...]

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