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Honey… Nature’s perfect energy food

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Honey comb Yesterday I went up to see the bees. It has been a very mild winter so far. A good thing you may think, but actually not for the bees. There are no flowers now, but they still fly when the sun comes out and so use up valuable honey stores for energy. They have worked hard all summer long, visiting millions of flowers and collecting the precious nectar. For every jar of honey, they will have flown the equivalent of twice around the world. This watery solution of sucrose is taken back to the hive and transformed into what we know as honey. Thousands of tiny wings create currents of warm air and evaporate off the excess water. Enzymes are added to the nectar changing it from sucrose into glucose and fructose. So honey is the perfect food for them and will sustain them through the long winter months. It is also the perfect energy food for us, containing vitamins and minerals. Refined white sugar has no nutritional value and is hard for us to metabolise. It is thought to be a major cause of conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Even diabetics can enjoy a little honey. AMBROSIUS

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