What is propolis?

Propolis is a resinous substance collected by honeybees from the buds and bark of trees and shrubs. The resins are produced by trees as part of their immune system, healing wounds and protecting against the damaging effects of radiation.

These resins are taken back to the hive where the bees add salivary enzymes, wax and pollen. This mixture is used to protect the colony from disease and infection due to its high antimicrobial action.


What is a diffuser?

Diffusers are widely used for different reasons.

PROPOLAIR Diffusers warm up the propolis capsule to the optimum temperature that allows these volatile components of propolis to be dispersed into the air, causing a multitude of microscopic bioflavonoids to be released, going into action doing what they do best: eliminating most of the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, acari, fungi and moulds)

How is it different to a humidifier?

Many asthma suffers & people with respitory problems can improve their breathing by using a humidifier, this helps to manage the symptoms.

PROPOLAIR diffusers a prevention rather than a treatment.

What does an ionizer do?

An ionizer releases ions (charged particles), into the air. These collide with airborne particles such as dust, viruses, bacteria, smoke and mites and thereby give them a charge. Once the polluted particle has a charge, they are then attracted to surfaces, such as walls, curtains and so taking the pollution out of the air you are breathing.

What are the benefits?

PROPOLAIR is recommended by doctors and therapists for various ailments including:

•Allergic rhinitis


•Flu virus




•Sore throat



•Respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, mould and pollen allergies, bed mites etc.

•Old or young people vulnerable to contagions and weakened immune systems.

Are there any financial benefits?

Yes, quite simply -

Personally, better health and less illness, less lost work days

Professional, less employee sickness

What are the running costs?

That depends on how often you have it running, 1 capsule lasts 122hours and costs £6

5 days of 24/7 usage would cost £6

15 days of 8hours usage at 5 days per week would cost £2 per week

But what price would you put on your health?

What area does PROPOLAIR cover?

It can treat rooms up to 376 sq. ft. (35 m2) or the models with the fan gives double the radius of cleansing action to saturate environments of 645 sq. ft (60 m2)

PROPOLAIR is particularly useful in largely populated rooms such as offices, waiting areas, classrooms, play and social areas where flu, cold and others viruses can easily be spread.