PropolAir Car Propolis Diffuser: antiseptic, effective against asthma, hayfever, allergies, dust, pollen, pollution and more. Reduces harmful airborne microbes by 71% and it helps boosting immune system. 2 years extended warranty

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Designed to be used in cars, taxis, cabs, caravans, buses and limousines, even ambulances, where it helps clean the air and reduce level of pollution. For those who spend a lot of time traveling, Propolair Car gently heats up propolis contained in the capsule, releasing the volatile fraction of propolis around your car.


Ideal for people who drive in urban traffic, where there is a high pollution concentration level. Simple to use – with adjustable base - can be plugged into any cigarette lighter socket in a car, truck or caravan.


Plug it into any cigarette lighter socket and with a 100° articulated base, it can adapt to any installation.


Delivered with 1 capsule. Delivered with 1 capsule. Capsule lasts 80hr or about 16 days of 5hrs per day usage or 20 days of 4hrs per day usage or 40 days of 2hrs per day usage. More propolis capsules can be bought in packs of 5. See Propolis capsules:

Propolis & Boswellia Capsules for Propolis Diffusers

Organic Propolis Capsules for Propolis Diffusers


Why expose yourself to air pollutants when commuting in urban traffic where pollution levels are high and filled with carcinogens? Not only does PropolAir Car filter the air but the pleasant scent of propolis, honey and beeswax fills the vehicle with a freshness not found anywhere else except in a beehive!

Efficient against car fumes and air pollutants.


Common conditions known to respond to propolis diffusers:

- Allergic rhinitis

- Asthma Bronchitis

- Cough

- Flu virus

- Laryngitis

- Pharingitis

- Sinusitis

- Sore throat

- Allergies

- Tonsillitis

- Respiratory diseases.


A report from The WHO has declared air pollution responsible for 7,000,000 premature deaths annually! Protect yourself today with PropolAir Car vaporiser.


A study conducted by the Chamber of Commerce in Turin, Italy, showed that use of PropolAir diffusers reduced up to 82% of Pyrene and Fluoranthene, carcinogens waste substances from the combustion of fuels for cars.

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