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We have been established specifically to provide “turn-key” investment ready projects that take full financial advantage of renewable energy and clean energy generation operations provided via industry backed and government underwritten incentive programmes and schemes.

Many renewable energy investment opportunities are delayed or completely abandoned because of failures and breakdowns in process caused through failing to meet the required agenda of each stakeholder.

These delays are attributable to planning challenges exacerbated by local opposition or by national or local governmental policy changes. Additional installation obstacles may include grid connection (DNO) permissions and unacceptably high grid connection costs, sub standard approach roads incapable of allowing entrance and egress of large vehicles as well as local authorities often being out of step with central government policies.

Unlike other renewable investment opportunities all of IP-ROCO turn-key projects can be commissioned without delay and start to provide a return on investment within the shortest possible timescales. Each project is complete and self contained having already obtained and implemented all of the required governmental and local permissions as well as all appropriate land acquisition documentation and grid connection requirements.

This is particularly attractive to investors who will typically be national utility companies looking to appropriate and increase their clean energy generating capacity, institutions, private and public sectors as well as high net worth individuals and charitable organisations.

The attractiveness of these projects fulfils the needs for sustainable power generation requirements, low environmental impact investments, carbon reduction objectives and provides exceptional investment performance.

The result of investing through IP-ROCO is that you can pursue your investment aims with complete confidence in times of both opportunity and market volatility.

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