Is propolis tincture the answer to hay fever?

//Is propolis tincture the answer to hay fever?

Is propolis tincture the answer to hay fever?

Propolis tincture - help for hay fever sufferers

Propolis tincture is an effective treatment in natural immunotherapy.

Is it just wishful thinking, or has spring begun? The last few days of warm sunshine have woken the bees up from their winter slumber. Every colony at the bottom of the garden is buzzing. I stood beside the hives and watched the activity; debris and bits of old honeycomb carried away and dropped in the grass. Spring cleaning in action.

Some bees were flying to collect water. At this time of the year water is needed to liquefy granulated honey stores. Others were returning to the hive with orange balls of pollen on their legs. This is from the snowdrops and is one of the first pollens of the year. Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, pollen is needed to feed the young developing brood.

Talking of pollen, the hay fever season will soon be on us. There are two bee products which will help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis. One of them is pollen itself, but only after the bees have collected it. Start with a few granules under the tongue each day, beginning about six weeks before the main hay fever season – so you need to start now.

The other bee product is propolis. This wonderful sticky resin is a miracle of nature. It has powerful anti-allergenic properties. Best taken in the form of a propolis tincture, you should start now. Begin with a few drops under the tongue and take every day throughout the hay fever season. It really works.

Both pollen and propolis treatments are examples of natural immunotherapy, slowly conditioning your body to tolerate allergens.

Let the bees help you to enjoy summer!



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