Propolis – Nature’s Miracle

//Propolis – Nature’s Miracle

Propolis – Nature’s Miracle

Propolis at the front of the beehive

Propolis at the front of the beehive

The wind is howling outside like a banshee. Fallen tree branches litter the fields, gardens and roadsides. Snow and rain is forecast.

I am at home, warm and dry…..and fortunately, so are the bees.

They have been collecting sticky resins from trees throughout the summer. They will visit Poplar, Birch, Horse Chestnut and Conifers. Beeswax is added and the resulting substance is called propolis.

The bees will block up gaps and cracks in the hive, preventing draughts and waterproofing their home. How clever!

My mind goes back to last summer. In the late evening it is wonderful to go to the apiary and stand behind a beehive. With the roof removed my senses would be seduced by the incredible aroma.
The bees keep the brood nest temperature at 35° C.
This warm fragrant air contains all the volatile compounds from the ripening honey, beeswax and propolis.

I would just stand quietly, close my eyes…..and breathe deeply!

In the summer propolis is used to varnish each cell in the honeycomb before the Queen lays an egg. This ensures a sterile environment for the developing larva. Harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

Beekeepers can scrape the excess propolis from hive parts and frames. Sometimes special grids are used which the bees fill with resins. Propolis is only harvested when there is a surplus, and enough is always left for the bees.

A propolis diffuser will release the same volatile healing compounds into your home or car. Try one for yourself. Close your eyes and join me in the apiary on a late summer’s evening…….

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