Propolis benefits for all this autumn

//Propolis benefits for all this autumn

Propolis benefits for all this autumn

Propolis benefits everyone

Honeybee with propolis

Propolis benefits everyone: its anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties make propolis an ideal food suplement in the autumn. There are many ways propolis can be used to boost your immune system. Just have a look at how bees are getting ready for the winter to come.

As autumn approaches, the bees are getting in the stores for the winter. They have capped the honey and are now making preparations to ensure that their home, the hive, is spick and span for the winter.

In order to achieve this, they coat most surfaces and any small cracks with propolis. After hundreds of years, we have learnt to make use of their ancient technology. We do this by using their propolis in our diffusers.

Like the bees, now is the time to make sure we have sufficient stores for the winter. So we should prepare by making absolutely sure that we have sufficient supplies of propolis capsules for use in our propolis diffusers.

Some of our customers are now reporting that they are particularly benefiting from their purchase of our propolis diffuser PropolAir A4, called Propol Therapy.

Propol Therapy, as well as all our other propolis diffusers, works with all of our Propolis Capsules BIO and Propolis Capsules with Boswellia Serrata.


Propolis benefits: looking for other propolis based products?

Propolis benefits everyone, however not everyone reading this will have or want a propolis diffuser. You can still benefit from other IP-ROCO products from the beehive.

Our propolis based products can be purchased also as alcohol free and they all benefit adults and children alike.

One of our customers said this:

“Thank you so much for this product and my apologies for the late review. Yes I have given to my 2 year old son when he was suffering from cold and flu. I have noticed a difference the symptoms were milder and bearable. So definitely when it comes to sore throat cold and flu this is my rescue remedy. I will try to give him every day even half a dose that is prescribed on the packaging in his drinks or fruit purée jar as he is fussy about tastes. Thank you once again.”


Let the bees help you to enjoy this autumn!

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