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IP-ROCO provides the following apitherapy products and services:

BEE VENOM (Product):

IP-ROCO Apitherapy The production, harvesting, sourcing, whole-sale and supply of a variety of grades of bee venom to the exacting criteria of our clients and closely matching their required specifications.

IP-ROCO Apitherapy certifies the chemical composition and exact specification of each and every batch of bee venom supplied. By doing so clients are able to order the exact quantities they require and reduce their costs through accurate budgeting and quality control.

Clients are given advance notice of quantities that IP-ROCO Apitherapy are moving through the supply chain so that they can plan effectively in meeting their own project requirements. This is very important when dealing with an extremely rare and expensive commodity such as bee venom.

We are always interested to receive new enquiries and the opportunity to offer help and support to those individuals, organisations and institutions that would like to benefit from our assistance in meeting their objectives.

In addition to our bee venom we are able to supply substantial quantities of the following bee products, all of which are available on a bespoke basis:

  • Honey (Lime/Acacia/Poly-Flora/Fir/Raspberry/Sun-Flower/Forest/Heather)
  • Pollen
  • Bee Bread
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly