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When you are looking to secure an investment that will provide long term sustainable financial benefits you will be conscious of the needs of shareholders, fellow investors and other stakeholders.

Dealing with IP-ROCO gives you confidence that all of your needs are met now and in the future.

You will be comfortable with the risk associated with the investment and the expected returns, knowing that you have chosen an investment partner who believes in traditional values and stable returns.

You will be confident that IP-ROCO have sourced the ideal opportunity that complements and meets the needs of your investment portfolio.

You can be confident that IP-ROCO will facilitate your requirements in a professional and discreet manner at all times. The investment will provide future receivables that can be traded on the open market in a variety of ways.

The most exciting thing is that now, because of Europe’s commitment to the Kyoto agreement, many EU countries have in place a range of tariffs and stable secure long term incentive schemes that make investment in this sector very lucrative.

IP-ROCO has sought out a variety of “ready to go” investment opportunities that have all the required permissions, approvals and land acquisition documentation that can stand up to the expected levels of due diligence. These projects can be either purchased outright or managed by us.