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/What is apitherapy

What, you may ask, is Apitherapy?

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Apitherapy is the use of beehive products for treating or preventing illness and disease. Come with me on a fascinating and incredible journey and each week I will show you how to be healthy, with the help of the amazing little honeybee. For thousands of years, since before the time of the ancient Egyptians, mankind has revered the industrious little honeybee. For over 100 million years bees have been a vital part of our ecosystem, constantly adapting to the ever changing environment. They have evolved the perfect society......one that mankind would do well to emulate. 50,000 or more social insects work tirelessly for the good of the whole community, all with a common purpose – survival of their species. To do this they must address all the factors inherent in the survival process. They will need the tools to build a home, a source of good nutrition, a means of keeping disease at bay, guards to protect them all, and a mother who will lay eggs day and night to replace those who have perished in the sacrifice that is their destiny. I invite you to join me on this journey............ AMBROSIUS

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