Propolis – improving sports performance

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Propolis as sports food can improve performance I have spent the last 20 years treating people with bee products for all the common diseases that afflict us. So it is refreshing to be able to tell you about other benefits of Apitherapy. When we indulge in physical sports we put our bodies under extreme stress. Bee products can help to alleviate this. Honey gives us a natural form of energy. Pollen gives us protein, vitamins and minerals. Propolis stimulates our immune system. New research from J.Chiang et al. at the Graduate Institute of Sports Science, Taipei, has shown that taking propolis before a sporting event can improve performance. A group of cyclists was studied. Some were given propolis before the race. One of the most important compounds in propolis is the anti-oxidant Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE). During extreme physical exercise the body can suffer from what is known as Hyperthermal stress. This can deplete the immune system and impair endurance capacity. The cyclists who had taken propolis showed a significant reduction in the detrimental effects of prolonged exercise. This conclusive research was published in the Journal of Food Science (June 2009). It is amazing to think that propolis and other bee products are able to keep you healthy....and also ‘give you the edge’ in competitive sports. Of course this does not only apply to cycling. Tennis players, Footballers, Athletes... in fact anyone involved in aerobic sports could benefit. So if you are an elite sportsman or woman, or simply want to be the best you can be at any level, you may want to let the bees help you. It is enough to make me want to take up cycling! AMBROSIUS [...]

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