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We have been established specifically to provide “turn-key” solutions that take full advantage of bee products and their application across all of the existing application conventions as well as the new and innovative research and development opportunities that make up the industry today.

Many bee product industry opportunities are delayed or completely abandoned because of failures and breakdowns in process caused through failing to meet the required agenda of each stakeholder.

IP-ROCO Apitherapy offer a consultative approach that supports the full scope of possibility and cuts through the myths and miss-information that currently confuses the bee products market.

This is particularly attractive to individuals, organisations, food production companies, high-end cosmetic companies, medical and research institutions who appreciate a no-nonsense approach.

The result of engaging the services of IP-ROCO Apitherapy is that you can pursue your project aims and objections with complete confidence in times of both opportunity and market volatility.

There is no such thing as waste-products from within the honey bee hive and in the same way there is no wasted time in dealing with IP-ROCO Apitherapy.